How to start/stop timer?

You do not know how to start and stop the timer?

Keep reading and learn how to do it quickly and easily!

Heyweek is designed to be easy to use, and quick to understand.

Start tracking your time by clicking on the play button here.

This bar allows you to add or change necessary data about the job you're tracking such as the name of the project, to keep track easily of your work you can add what you are working on at that period, the date, and you can also manually add time. 

How to easily start tracking my time? 

We've made it easy for you to start tracking your time from any page just by clicking here on the play button on the top app menu bar.

Keyboard shortcuts 

You can start and stop the timer from any page that is currently open on your window with the keyboard shortcuts.

n : start timer.

s : stop timer.

d : discard timer